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Hi, I’m Dr. Hauser an Integrative and Functional MD.

That means I take a holistic, natural route first to find and clear up your health issues…
But I still have a prescription pad in my back pocket.
Let’s get to the root of your problem so you can start feeling better.

Do you have a nagging health concern in one of these areas?


Is your energy low (or non-existent)?
Is your hair falling out?
Do you always feel cold when others are warm?
Have you started gaining weight even though you’re exercising and eating right?
Do you feel anxious?
You may have hypothyroid or Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. Get the thyroid help you deserve!


Do you have a thyroid issue? Are your periods out of control? Crazy mood swings? Pimples like a teenager? Mid-section weight that won’t go away? Desperately hope that menopause doesn’t have to be the hell that others have gone through?

The answer may be balancing your hormones and/or supporting your thyroid.


Do you wake up feeling tired? Do you reach for a Starbucks at 3pm to try to make it through the afternoon? Do you look at your clock and see 3am way too frequently? Do you have trouble staying awake during your favorite TV shows? Is chronic Lyme disease messing with your energy level?

You CAN get your energy back.

GI Issues

Do you know where every public restroom is located? Do most trips out of the home mean thinking about bathroom issues and how your stomach is feeling? Do you feel bloated every day? Do you feel constipated or the opposite?

There is a better solution and I can help you.


Are panic attacks controlling your life? Is anxiety part of a typical day? Do you feel down? Do you feel disconnected with your friends and family? Is life just so-so?

There’s hope and I want to help you.

Weight Issues

Do you cringe at the thought of skinny jeans? Do you eat well, exercise and still can’t take off the pounds? Are you overwhelmed at the thousands of diet options, or feel there’s a better option? Do you want to eat “clean” but don’t know how?

There is a more natural way to lose weight that isn’t only about what you eat.

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