Anxiety – The Silent Epidemic
Dr. Hauser takes the veil off of the anxiety epidemic by encouraging people to admit to feeling anxious and start conversations about it.

I read a study today that quoted 18% of Americans suffer from Anxiety… and I find that statistic misleading. Maybe at any one point in time 1 out of 5 people are actively dealing with it. But if you were to poll your friends and family and ask how many have suffered from anxiety or panic attacks in the last year, and they answered honestly, you’d find way higher numbers. I personally think it is a true silent epidemic.

But how many of those friends and family won’t answer honestly? Our society is afraid to talk about mental health. Talk about a hidden disease! There is a huge societal stigmata behind psychiatric illness, but I think if we could openly talk to our friends and family without feeling ashamed or embarrassed, maybe some of us could find a cure outside a doctor’s office.

So, I dare you. No, I double dog dare you to like this post and pass it on. Let’s get talking about anxiety and panic attacks! Let’s share the solutions that have worked for each of us and start helping one another. And if you want, I’ll be happy to start the discussion…