Why Sleep Is Playing Hard to Get As I Get Older

You’ve done everything to sleep better — from cutting down on your caffeine intake to putting your phone away an hour before bedtime — yet you still end up tossing and turning all night long (or day if you’re on a graveyard shift or simply a night owl!). When you were...

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Who Can Benefit from CBD Oil?

Who Can Benefit From CBD Oil? You know something’s up when everyone’s talking about it. Take cannabidiol (cbd) for example. Last April, The New Yorker featured a story about The Martha Stewart of Marijuana Edibles, where food writer Laurie Wolf is described as one of...

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Eating Healthy at the Beach

My daughters and I have Hashimoto's (which means our body attacks our own thyroid). We eat gluten free because it helps keep our thyroid healthy. Also because we feel better without it (no stomach aches, no achey joints and better sleep). Not so hard to do when we're...

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How do you look at your health?

Guest Post: New Dawn Fitness Perspective is a way of looking at things in relation to other things and we find that having it is a crucial component of success. It's believed that humans have been on this earth for around 200,000 years. So with an average life span of...

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How a Functional Doctor Recovers From Injury

I was playing tennis with my tennis buddies (one of my favorite things to do). I turned quickly to go after a lob and POP! I felt this terrible pain in my calf. I didn’t want to admit it, but I had torn part of my calf muscle. My first instinct was to rub some dirt on...

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Is your heart burn or acid reflux getting you down? It really can make every meal miserable. Typically, at least in Western Medicine, this problem is solved with antacids, acid blockers and PPI’s. In my 3 part series I’m going to teach you about current treatments for...

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Detox with your doctor

Did you indulge over the holidays? Do you want to reset your body? Do you feel bloated and icky? Are you searching through your closet to find bigger pants with an elastic waist? You can turn that around in a quick week! Detox with Your Doctor is a comprehensive 7-day...

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Too Much Figgy Pudding Can Spoil Your Night

  Tonight is the office holiday party. You skip lunch because you know that the baked brie, bubbly and sprtiz cookies will be calling your name.   But you're feeling drained & icky halfway through the afternoon. According to the National Sleep Foundation, nearly half...

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