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My Favorite Air Purifier

Anybody sneezing a lot lately? Pollen counts are through the roof! And what about our furry friends and their hair and slobber? Who’s got dust bunnies under their bed? Ever look at the sunlight streaming through your windows only to see a thousand specks of stuff floating through the air? And where does that all go? Yup, into your lungs. Fortunately we were created with a pretty amazing filtering system beginning with the hairs in our nose, the vapor in our lungs, and the cilia in our respiratory system; all designed to keep foreign particles out. But does it filter everything, 100%. Unfortunately No. So what can you do about it? My #1 suggestion is to get an air filter for your bedroom. You’re in that room for 1/3rd of your life. Why not breathe the best air you can?

My Favorite Sinus Rinse

Need to clear out those air passages. Look no further than this super-simple way to rinse out your sinuses. Known as "nasal irrigation" and famously replacing the classic Neti Pot, this is the way to clean out those airways

My Favorite Mask

Comfortable, Sleek, KN95 rated, BLACK, and a decent price. Perfect all around.

My Favorite Book on Eating Healthy

Dr. Hyman has published other books since this first came out, but it's a great reference for 'how to eat', not just how to lose weight

My Favorite Flossers

Ok, kind of a weird one to post. But we all know we're supposed to floss every day. But standing in front of my mirror while flossing is BORING! So I keep these in the car. What better way to multitask than to floss while driving. Or triple-task by listening to a favorite podcast at the same time.

My Favorite Organic Wine

Tired of toxins in your body? Grapes are one of the worst- what is all that white stuff all over them? I'm pretty sure it is pesticide spray. Needless to say, I only eat organic grapes, and now there is an awesome organic wine!